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Kyosho 32799B Mini-Z MR03 EVO Chassis Set (W-MM) 8500KV

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Uitverkocht 202110155 MINI-Z EVO Receiver MHS/ASF EVO RX 202110149 MINI-Z EVO Receiver FLYSKY NOBLE NB4 / FLYSKY PL18



W-MM configured chassis equipped with a high-performance 8500KV motor, EVO chassis set is the perfect step up from the Readyset.

First released in December 2018 the MR-03EVO series delivered amazingly fast processing speed and featured a separate receiver board that provided the flexibility of transmitter choice. Two years after its stunning debut, the MR-03 EVO lineup has been strengthened with a race-based chassis. A 8500KV motor is combined with a standard specification chassis that you can customize to your liking with various optional parts available.While retaining the full bearing specifications and Ball Diff Set II, align the base chassis with the new standard speed range and open a wider group of users. From the compatible receiver units : RA-40 (EX-6R / EX-II / EX-RR/EX-LDT); RA-41 (KT-531P / KT-432PT); RA-42 (Futaba T7PX / T7XC / T4PM), and RA-43 (Flysky Noble NB4), the RA-41 provides the optimal step-up from the Readyset. Perhaps the MR-03EVO chassis set’s greatest advantage is that it can also be combined with a brushed motor (No.MZ9E, sold separately) to adapt to an even wider range of driving conditions.

●First MINI-Z MR-03 Chassis Set that adopts separate ESC and receiver design.
●Includes new KYOSHO SPEED HOUSE XSPEED 85 brushless motor (8500KV).
●I.C.S manager features detailed steering and throttle parameter adjustment, as well as switching between brushless and brushed modes.
●Powered by independent CPUs for ESC and receiver, increased internal processing speed contributes to precision steering and throttle control.
●Equipped with ball bearings and Ball Diff Set II. *Newly designed separate receiver cover and front upper arm mount make tread adjustment easier. *Compatible with optional parts for the MR-03 chassis.

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