PN RACING KS1138 Mini-Z KS Compound RCP Low Profile Slick 8.5mm Tire Medium (2pc) (Banden)

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Brand New Low Profile Tires 

PN Racing KS & KS-M compounds are our most popular race proven tire compounds

PN Racing KS Compound:  its known to offer more grip as the tire heat up and long duration.

PN Racing KS-M Compound: its known to offer quick warm up and good grip from beginning of the race, also suitable for tracks in cold climate.

After months of R&D, we can finally release our brand new low profile high performance tires.

Our new low profile tires are 1.6mm thick, when its installed on the 20mm rims, the diameter will be 23.2mm.

For stock class you don’t have to true these tires, it will be broken in after running on RCP track for one battery pack.

For more advanced classes, only the surface (0.1-0.2mm) needs to be trued.

8.5mm tires

KS Compound

KS1130 Slick Front Tire (8.5mm) SUPER SOFT

KS1134 Slick Front Tire (8.5mm) SOFT

KS1138 Slick Front Tire (8.5mm) MEDIUM

KS1142 Slick Front Tire (8.5mm) Hard

KS-M Compound

KSM530 Slick Front Tire (8.5mm) SUPER SOFT

KSM534 Slick Front Tire (8.5mm) SOFT

KSM538 Slick Front Tire (8.5mm) MEDIUM

KSM542 Slick Front Tire (8.5mm) Hard

11mm tires

(If you use 14mm rear tire, this is perfect front tire to use with 11mm wheels)

KS Compound

KS2130 Slick Tire (11mm) SUPER SOFT

KS2134 Slick Tire (11mm) SOFT

KS2138 Slick Tire (11mm) MEDIUM

KS2142 Slick Tire (11mm) Hard

KS-M Compound

KSM630 Slick Tire (11mm) SUPER SOFT

KSM634 Slick Tire (11mm) SOFT

KSM638 Slick Tire (11mm) MEDIUM

KSM642 Slick Tire (11mm) Hard



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