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This is the all new GL RGT Rear Geometry Conversion Kit.  Developed in house this kit was designed with our numerous years of experience designing 1/12 and 1/10 Pan Cars.  The shock mounting postions and angles have been revised, the center of gravity has been dropped and the parts count and complexity have been reduced considerably. Additionally the integrated rear body mount position is compatible with most lexan bodies we have tested. The results are a car that produces more rear grip, better steering and more consistent, predictable handling. Having removed the motor mount shock mount extension also allows for easier wire routing for smoother pod movement and better airflow for the motor to stay cool.

Lap time wise we have seen resonable improvement, and consistency has gone through the roof!  The car is much more composed under power and tracks far straighter. As another benefit, the time in between rear damper maintenance has been increased.
This kit includes the rear cross brace the aluminum tri mount to be installed on the stock motor mount.  It is compatible with both the GL GLR rear shocks and PN Racing Side Shocks.
Needed to Complete:
-When using GLR Parts:
 *GLR-S005 Plastic Shocks
 *GLR-S016 Alloy Adjusters
 *GLR-S021 Pivot Balls
 *2 x M2 x 4mm BH Screws
 *2 x M2 x 6mm Set Screws
 *GLR-003-S Spring Set
(*alternatively, using Atomic 3.5mm Ball Studs simplifies the parts count AMZ-OP023, use 4 pcs of these plus 2x M2 nuts)
-When Using PN Racing Parts
 *MR2162A Spring Set
 *4 x M2 x 8mm BH Machine Screws
 *2 x M2 Nut


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