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This is the ultimate hop up for your GL Racing RGT!  If you were to buy any upgrades for your RGT, we would say this rear end, an RX512 Chassis, PN TDS Shocks (used as damper tubes) and some spring sets would be all that would be needed to win any race you enter, at any level.
Developed in house to make your GL RGT simply faster.  This rear end emulates larger scale pan cars with vertical side springs, o ring battery mount and a more angled shock adjustment possibility.  This rear end drops the CG of the car further, provides better traction and drive out of the corners than the side shock or the standard set up.  The handling is more precise and consistent  with better grip, flatter cornering, less traction rolling, more rotation, more forward and side bite all, while making the car MUCH EASIER TO DRIVE.
People that have tested this rear end insist that the car is far more dynamic and simply “unfair” to the competition.
-Rear end includes all the hardware necessary to install in your RGT, with the exception of side dampers/shocks and mounting hardware for those.  We recommend the PN racing ones for cost and ease of use.  (If using PN Dampers, we recommend to drill a 1mm hole in the shock body towards the top of the threaded body for venting).
-The rear end is designed to work with the shorter shock shaft on your RGT.  If you have the aftermarket shock, swap the shaft with the stock one or cut the longer one about 2-3mm.  Adjust droop and pre-load normally.  Use Short Springs.
-Angle your center shock downwards for more aggressive response.
-Flatten the center shock for smoother response
-Raising the outer pivot on the side tubes gives more body roll and smoother response but more rotation
-Softer side spring creates less side bite and helps in high bite to prevent traction roll.  Makes the car have more rotation on power in lower bite, but makes the car easier to drive in high bite.  Harder springs have the opposite effect.
-Start with 5-10k in lower bite on the PN Side tubes 15k to start in higher bite
-Start with 15k in GLR  Side Tubes in lower bite, 30k in higher bite.
-The side spring holes are pre-theaded.  However, if you side springs are tough to adjust, use one of the provided M2 screws to free up the threads a bit.  Using a little diff grease can also help when tight.


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