SkyRC NC1600 Charger for 4xAA/AAA mini-z (Lader)

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Product information “SkyRC NC1600 Charger for 4xAA/AAA”

The NC1600 charger is more than just fast. Thanks to its modern and highly precise chip, it’s also considerably smarter when it comes to charging NiMH batteries of sizes AA and AAA. With 4 independent charging slots, an 8-second auto-start, and 3 operating modes, it transforms what would otherwise be a tedious task into a pleasant and relaxed experience without much thought. The LCD screen also provides a compact overview of the charging status. Once the battery is fully charged, the charger automatically switches to “trickle charge.” This is to replenish the capacity lost due to the self-discharge of the battery and ensures that the battery is truly fully charged. With a relatively low pulse charging rate of 30-70mA, the lifespan of the batteries can be easily extended!

The NC1600 is powered universally and conveniently via the USB-C port, using existing smartphone chargers with at least 5V/2.1A, for example. So, say goodbye to another unnecessary adapter and the empty disposable batteries in the drawer. The environment will also appreciate it.


  • 4 independent charging slots and a clear LCD display
  • 3 operating modes: Charge, Discharge, and Refresh
  • Includes internal resistance measurement
  • Robust technology in pocket size
  • A must-have in every household
  • Comes with advanced safety features

Technical Specifications:

Input (USB): – 15W QC3.0, PD 5V/3.0A
– 5V/2.1A
Modes: Charge / Discharge / Refresh
Battery Types: NiMH / NiCd
Charge Current: When powered by 15W QC3.0, PD 5V/3.0A adaptor:
– 1600mA/slot for 3 batteries
– 1500mA/slot for 4 batteries

When powered by 5V/2.1A adaptor:
– 1600mA/slot for 2 batteries
– 1000mA/slot for 4 batteries

Discharge Current: 100 – 700mA
Trickle Charge Rate: 30 – 70mA
Working Temperature: 0°C – 40°C
Max. Charging Capacity: 3000mAh
Weight: 114g
Dimensions: 108x79x32.9mm

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